Several related packages are hosted here:

GTK+ Runtime installer

Allows you to run GTK+ applications. Provides basic theming support.


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with:
    • Dropline's GTK (now discontinued). In fact, this site used to host it.
    • The installer distributed with The Gimp (See Links).
    • The installer distributed with Pidgin (See Links) (mostly).
  • Can optionally set the "PATH" environment variable (or whatever it is called in the latest win32). This enables you to avoid writing names of every GTK+-using executable to registry.
  • Includes the GTK+ default ("Raleigh"), Native ("Wimp") and Pixbuf theme engines. Native look is the default.
  • Is "pure" in terms of bundling additional stuff. Only GTK+ and its requirements are bundled with it, no additional utilities or themes.

GTK+ Runtime installer contains the following software (or pieces of it):

You may obtain the respective sources at the URLs listed above.

The binaries distributed with this package come from either their official sites (listed above), or from the following locations:
GTK+, ATK, Pango, GLib, gdk_pixbuf, Cairo and their dependencies can be obtained from Most other binaries can be obtained from

This package contains the licenses of libraries distributed in it:

  • license_lgpl.txt contains a license for GTK+, ATK, Pango, GLib, gdk_pixbuf, Cairo, Expat, Fontconfig, Freetype2, intl, libiconv, LibTIFF;
  • license_jpeg.txt contains a license for libjpeg;
  • license_png.txt contains a license for libpng;
  • license_zlib.txt contains a license for zlib.

GTK+ Themes package

This package provides a number of commonly used themes and theme engines. Can be installed on top of GTK+ Runtime and most other GTK+ packages. Features:

  • Includes most common themes and a lot of theme engines.
  • Includes GTK+ Preference Tool, an utility for easy theme and font switching.

The following theme engines and themes are included:

Unless indicated otherwise, all themes come with their respective engine packages.
You may obtain the respective sources at the URLs listed above.
The combined package (engines, themes, GTK+ Preference Tool) is licensed under GNU GPLv2.

GTK+ Preference Tool

See the appropriate section.